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TG: The Day Off :iconlol3745:lol3745 10 2
Mature content
TG: Mitch walking around the city :iconlol3745:lol3745 5 2
Mature content
Ernie and Emily By Rachael Free :iconlol3745:lol3745 0 0
Mature content
TG: It can't be! I need to fix this :iconlol3745:lol3745 8 3
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TG: SOCIABLE bitch :iconlol3745:lol3745 5 1
Mature content
TG: Slut save :iconlol3745:lol3745 18 0
TG: Step-daddy
“Yessssss, that’s right Step-Daddy… doesn't it feel good to push our tight young pussy onto that big hard cock? Being a blonde little cock-slut feels good doesn't it?  I can’t believe you seduced Mommy’s gardener… I love what you make me do when you’re in my body…”
“Uhhhhhhhh, nooooooo, what am I doing? Ohhhh fuck it feels so good. But  I have to stop this… I’m the one using the possession spell… I’m in control. I only went inside you because your mother and I were desperate.  I had to stop you from behaving like a naughty girl for her sake.  Yes… I took control. I AM in control… do you hear me!”
“Are you in control Daddy?  You’re the one moving my body… controlling everything I do… but I thought you were only going to use the spell to stop me being naughty.  Since you started possessing me, you've been getting naughtier and naughti
:iconlol3745:lol3745 6 2
I was such a good younger sister… I idolised Caitlin and wanted to be just like my successful, smart and sensible twenty four year old sibling when I grew up. The nine year age gap between us didn’t matter, we were really close and we talked about everything. I was a lot more mature then most of my friends as a result. I wanted to be a lawyer like Caitlin when I grew up so I studied hard in school. I ignored the boys and never put a foot wrong. I worked hard and soon had a reputation for being prim, serious and straight laced. Mom and Caitlin were both proud of me and that was all I cared about.
As you can imagine when my sister told me that she and her husband Curtis were trying for a baby I was soooooo excited. I waited eagerly for the news that she was pregnant, but nothing seemed to be happening. Then one day she confided in me, tears steaming down her face that something was wrong. Curtis had erectile dysfunction… he couldn’t get it up anymore! I was shocke
:iconlol3745:lol3745 9 0
TG: A new mind
Only me and my hot blonde girlfriend Abbie knew that we’d swapped bodies for a month. We had agreed to impersonate each other in the meantime, whilst we waited for the stupid lunar medallion to recharge so we could swap back.
For me that meant tight tops and push up bras… denim shorts and high heels. Abbie tended to dress a little slutty and it would look odd if she got conservative all of a sudden so I now I was the one getting checked out by guys and having my tits ogled every day I also had to contend with her silky blonde hair, long nails and make up which she wore all the time. Abbie insisted I keep her body tanned and smoothly waxed and I became quite the regular at the salons where I was forced to read the fashion mags she was obsessed with whilst chatting to the other girls.
I had to hang out with her stuck up bitchy friends, who never liked me, go shopping for hours in designer shops maxing out Daddys credit cards, and even go on dates with my old body. I constantl
:iconlol3745:lol3745 12 2
TG: Joyride to heaven
Sam felt so focused. In the 6 hours since he’d taken his 2nd dose of “Maturity” he’d achieved a great deal.  Within the first few seconds of ingesting the slightly bitter but sweet smelling green liquid he felt his neural pathways changing. He began to feel focused & confident. The chemistry PHD candidate felt more alive than he’d ever done in his 21 years. In 6 hours he’d:
• Noticed his body becoming more streamlined
• Set up a plan to produce formula more efficiently
• Gained access to an exclusive media party in the city
• Ensured he had private access to the lab and its facilities for the next 24 hours
• Bought expensive female clothing to seduce his targets with, including some delightful satin underwear and a seductive dress.
In fact Sam was preparing to hide the underwear when he felt a wave of pleasure run over him. It began at his very core and jolted up his spine and electrified his brain.
“Whoa, wha
:iconlol3745:lol3745 7 0
Timmy was upset because his roller skates were broken and he wanted to play out front. He’d have borrowed his older sisters, but she was eighteen and her skates were far too big for his tiny feet. But Timmy had a possible solution. Raiding the cupboards in the kitchen he had found a pair of ‘Magic insoles’ guaranteed to make any shoes fit both tightly and perfectly. Sliding them into Ashley’s skates, he pushed his tiny feet inside and wiggled his toes. 'Oooh’ Amazingly it turns out the insoles really were magic and not just cheaply advertised. They instantly made Timmy’s feet grow and swell to fit the shoes perfectly. But their power didn’t stop there. The insoles had guaranteed a perfect fit and now Timmy was changing to match his girly skates. He gasped as a pleasant tingling ran up from his feet, making his legs longer and smoother. His boyish ass inflated and his hips cracked out slightly. 'Mmmmmmh’ he groaned, tipped forward by the s
:iconlol3745:lol3745 4 2
TG: Squezee
Sometimes, when she was full of boredom or naughty thoughts… your girlfriend liked to go to the back of her wardrobe and find the magic pink latex stockings she had hid inside.  She’d slide the skin-tight slutty material over her legs and moan as she felt them snap over her sexy thighs.  They were so tight… she could feel them squeezing and oozing all over her legs. Then the tingling in her head would happen.  The leggings would start squeezing out her morals. Squeezing out her thoughts, squeezing out her personality. Soon she’d be empty… a horny vessel begging to be filled as her innocent body ripened and transformed into that of a super slut.
Soon she’d be little more than a eager fuck-toy, desperate to fuck big cock and enjoy herself.  Her shy and loving personality would be replaced by a ravenous whore who would seduce your friends and fuck them to her satisfaction.  With the stockings on, your girlfriend became sexier
:iconlol3745:lol3745 10 3
TG: What an dumb ass
Brittany loved the magic dildo she’d inherited from her aunt.  The more she used it, the hotter she became and the bitchier she got.  One of her favourite hobbies had become teasing her younger brother Nick with her increasing beauty and power.  She could tell he was jealous and loved rubbing it into his face.
“Too bad you don’t have a tight little pussy like me little bro, or you could stick this wonderful dildo deep inside you and feel it making you hotter and sexier. You have no idea how good it feels to be a sexy slut that can have any guy she wants, and you never will.  The power is mine and you can never use it. I love being a girl!”
Finally, fed up with Brittany’s teasing, Nick went into her room and found her secret hiding place.  Holding the slick glass dildo in his hand he grinned to himself and opening her drawers pulled out the bottle of lube she kept inside.  Rubbing it all over the dildo he squatted down and with
:iconlol3745:lol3745 10 2
TG: My sisters tits n' ass
“Holy shit I’ve got my sisters tits,” giggled Connor in amazement as he fondled his slutty new chest, cupping his delicious boobs with sexy hands and gasping with pleasure as he gently squeezed them.
“Mmmmh and I’ve got Harriet’s perfect ass,” moaned Ralph as he squeezed his peachy new bottom and shivered in delight.
Watching in amazement Martin wondered what had gone wrong with the spell to steal what his friends sisters valued most in order to blackmail them into obeying their little brothers.
“Ooooh I feel so good,” purred Connor looking down to see it wasn’t just breasts he’d gained, but a tight slutty body and stylish outfit as well. “My titties are awesome.”
“Like not as awesome as my ass,” giggled Ralph as he shook it enticingly. Soft coos and purrs filled the air as the boys eyes began to glaze over and change.  Both boys seemed to be rapidly losing awareness of who they really were.
:iconlol3745:lol3745 10 6
TG: WOW!!!
They say money can buy you anything, but for Sid Miller that certainly wasn’t the case. He may have attended Lord Beckett’s Boarding School, the most prestigious middle school in the country, but at the end of the day he was still a slight, feeble, and awkward fellow. A full foot shorter than most of the other boys at Lord Beckett’s, he was the target of ridicule by guys and girls alike, spending his days in solitude and pining away for any sort of popularity.
His greatest tormentor was Paul Weathers, a big brute of a kid with something to prove. He picked on Sid because he was such an easy target, and bullies never want anything that push them out of their comfort zone. There were plenty of wedgies, swirlies, pantsings, and other ridicules that only served to further destroy Sid’s reputation. It was a nightmare.
The worst incident of all, however, was when Paul swiped Sid’s clothes from his locker as they changed after gym. Completely naked and with no on
:iconlol3745:lol3745 11 0
TG: Be Quiet
For Brandons 18th birthday his parents had given him enough money to buy himself a car. When his friend Ryan found out about the money though he had a better suggestion.
Ryan told him of a mysterious store in town, it was rumoured that they sold all sorts of magical items which could change their lives for the better.
Ryan had found out about this place by over hearing Evie and Emily talking about it. Just 3 weeks ago Evie and Emily had an amazing make over, they went from being shy, reserved geeky girls, into playboy whores overnight.
Brandon immediately agreed to go with Ryan to the store, the next day after school they made their way to the shop.
Inside the shop it was dark and there was a strong smell of incense. The shelves were littered with all kinds of items, orbs, rings, books. But one item caught Ryans eye, it was different to everything else. It was a girls head band.
“You should be carefully with that young lad.” said the shop keeper sitting by the counter.
:iconlol3745:lol3745 9 2


Mature content
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